Insightful. Empowering. Transformational.




 "Tessa’s questioning techniques really put me at ease and I opened up more than I expected. Her coaching style gave me the confidence to speak freely." 

 "Tessa has been very supportive throughout the process. She has helped me to better see myself through the eyes of others and increased my self-confidence. I feel that she genuinely wants to see me achieve great results."

 "I loved working with Tessa. She was very gentle, providing guidance and asking the right questions to make me realise what I needed to change, but always at a pace that was comfortable for me. She had many ideas on how to approach issues and our sessions were always enjoyable."    



"The immediate and lasting effect was a feeling akin to rising up high, breaking through the clouds (representing complexity and lack of clarity) and looking down at things from a new perspective. It’s a feeling of empowerment as well as detachment."  

 "Following each session I felt empowered and with direction. My coach was genuinely interested with amazing listening skills. I completely trusted to tell her anything at all and did not feel I would be judged. My coach inspired thinking out of the box and looking for doable solutions. I felt completely inspired and supported."

 "My greatest insight was I can do this! I am capable and if I want to do something, I am the one that can make it happen. Previously, I've been holding myself back and I can change that if I want to."  



 "Tessa helped me to take something from the back of my mind filed under “nice thought but will probably never happen” to I’ll get this done within the next 12 months using this strategy– it’s a game changer."  

" I honestly wasn’t expecting it to have as big an impact as it did. It gave me a lot of insight and the push I needed to do something about it. I would recommend it to anyone that needs assistance in accomplishing something in life."

 "These sessions have been catalytic in the progress made so far, helping to begin the process of un-sticking a long-term difficult situation."