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Coaching to optimise transitions

I have found all coaching very rewarding but have particularly enjoyed working with people who are considering or undergoing bold transformational steps in their life or career. Change can be enforced or chosen prompting internal transitions which range from soul-destroying to life-enhancing. Change is very often accompanied by a lost sense of identity which is a topic of particular personal interest and expertise.

Coaching aims to optimise your experience across all stages of transition...

  • the contemplation phase when transition is explored
  • understanding and removing blockers to change
  • managing the shock of a sudden change in circumstances
  • coping with a lost sense of identity
  • understanding your old, current and future identity
  • holistic planning for the transition and the new future
  • letting go of the old situation
  • navigating the neutral zone between old and new lives
  • exploring new perspectives on the future
  • re-shaping, re-inventing or re-establishing a post-transition identity
  • step by step guidance through transition
  • establish and sustain new situation post-transition


For individuals

Types of transformation clients have brought to coaching:


  • Moving home
  • Changing career
  • Emigrating 
  • Setting up own business
  • Selling own business
  • Becoming a parent
  • Becoming a carer
  • Losing a parent
  • Redundancy
  • Retirement

For Businesses

Ways that coaching has been used to support businesses:

  • Advising on coaching as a tool to help businesses achieve transformations 
  • Supporting individuals or groups through change
  • Supporting staff through business transformations
  • Coaching for individual changes at work – promotion, demotion, hours reduction, relocation
  • Preparing for personal transitions e.g. parenthood, retirement or redundancy including understanding financial position and needs.
  • Support for entrepreneurs with business start-up or closure
  • Research into effectiveness of current employee support programmes 
  • Creation or adaptation of employee support programmes e.g. mid-life MOT; retirement programmes; returning to work after parental leave